Inma & Jordi

This is the most especial portfolio you will see on my website, this is my own wedding!

When Jordi made the proposal I was so excited. One of the challenges was to design our own weeding instead of doing it for a client.  Furthermore, I work daily for my clients’ weddings and to make something that I would feel to be different and special for me was quite hard.  However, we knew that we wanted something quite different but also stylish and modern.

I was also against of celebrating my wedding in a regular venue or in a place where I might organize weddings for others in the future. Therefore, the venues were the trickiest thing to find.

We felt in love with the distillation lounge of a very popular Anisette in Spain called Anis del Mono (Monkey’s Anise). It’s a modernist and active factory with enormous stills from 19th century. Furthremore, the brand has a lot of meaning for us as our families drink this spirit since long time ago and we even use the bottle as a music instrument to sing Christmas carols

Once we had the ceremony space, we need to find the reception venue. We always wanted to have an outdoors celebration. Due to my job we decided to get married on the 31st of October so the outdoors option was dismissed. Searching on the internet we found a perfect venue where we could celebrate an indoors reception but with the feeling of being outdoors. A glass and metal greenhouse where only the owners daughter got married before.  As well as the Anissette factory, the greenhouse is functioning. Their main activity is the flowers cultivation, not the events.

Of course, flowers needed to be the main style driver and we decided to use the mint and the rose quartz as our palette colors. They are elegant, romantic, peaceful and trendy. but we also wanted to be modern. To introduce modernity, one of our friends, who is creative director in a branding agency, developed the graphic design of the whole weeding. It was based on diagonal mint stripes and the Bodoni typography.


Photography: Diez Bordons


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