Mònica & Javier

Mònica and Javi wanted a rustic yet elegant wedding. When we sat down to work with them on the style, we proposed a different type of rustic. The typical features such as wood, lace and sackcloth would be put to one side and replaced with metal, brass and wildflowers. Javi is a music enthusiast and this had to be represented at his wedding on the seating plan and in the table numbers, which featured the sleeves from his favourite albums. In addition, as a gift for the guests, they gave a personalized CD featuring songs that represented the couple.

The centrepiece for the décor of this wedding was a chalkboard with a hip aesthetic measuring 3×2 meters which detailed the love story of the couple from the moment they first met right up to their wedding day. But there wasn’t only one chalkboard; we made six smaller ones to decorate the venue and to direct the guests. We were responsible for both the design and the creation of these chalkboards and they were a huge success with the guests. They were the most photographed items, other than the couple, of course!

wedding planner barcelona boda rustica

Photography by Diana Segura and París Berlín


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