Who I am

Inma Santos

My name is Inma Santos and I’m a twenty-nine-year-old Barcelona native with a passion for learning new things. This has led me to study a whole variety of subjects including theatre, music, singing, dance, the violin and pattern design. I also have a diploma in Social Education, a Masters in Sales and Marketing from the EAE Business School and another from Wedding Planning in London through which I am a registered member of the British Association of Wedding Planners.
My optimism, dreams and passions led me to create the wedding blog Love, Chocolate and Weddings in 2011, which was included among the top five blogs in Spain by Lucía se Casa magazine, and to set up the Wedding Planners agency París Berlín based here in Barcelona.

I am a meticulous, creative and decisive person as well as a perfectionist. I love hand-made items, watching American TV series in English with Spanish subtitles, scooting through the city on my custom moped, and going to street markets and antique shops. Some of my dislikes are the texture of crème caramel and badly-laid tables.