“Inma is a proactive, dedicated girl who is committed to her work. She surprised me by turning a standard wedding into something unique thanks to her decoration ideas. She adapted the style perfectly to the venue, decorating it with a rustic yet fashionable style. She helped us with everything we needed whenever we needed it and everything seemed much simpler.”


“I met Inma by chance, through a friend who suggested I take a look at her blog to get some inspiration for my wedding. I loved the blog and when I spoke to her everything went so smoothly. She immediately understood the idea we had for our big day, and turned it into reality! Right down to the last detail! Well thought-out, well-prepared and meticulous. She was always available, dedicated and committed. I don’t have the words to express my gratitude towards her for materialising my dream of a simple, elegant, romantic wedding with lots and lots of candles. We shared special moments, afternoons of arts and crafts, production lines… and it couldn’t have turned out better. So I will never tire of saying THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!”


“I have to say that at the start I was a little sceptical about how necessary a wedding planner was (I thought I could manage everything and wouldn’t need anyone’s help organizing my wedding). But then I helped one of my best friends with her wedding, who had hired the services of París-Berlín… well, I just loved everything! The wedding was organized to the smallest detail, everything was in harmony and also the París-Berlín team was there overlooking everything to make sure it went perfectly and that there weren’t any last-minute hiccups.

It was after this that I started to think about contacting París-Berlín to help me to create and organise my own wedding. I had some ideas but I didn’t know how to carry them out and I needed someone who was capable of making sense of them and organising them so that everything was uniform and tasteful.

We spent one day with Inma and she put forward her ideas which perfectly matched the wedding we had in mind, so we didn’t hesitate and signed up straight away! The truth is that the París Berlín team not only helped us to create and organise our wedding but, more importantly, ensured it was a little more ‘unique’ with details and ideas that we hadn’t seen at any other wedding. We loved them and they surprised all of our guests! I couldn’t recommend París Berlín highly enough for organising a wedding.