What’s up?

My name is Inma, I’m from Barcelona and I was born in ’84. I’m the creator of Paris Berlin.

How did I decide to be a wedding planner? Well my way to get here was a long one: I am a really curious person and my training has taken me from here to there: I studied theater, music, dance, pattern making, violin, I am a graduate in Social Education, I studied a Master of Wedding Planner in London and also one in Marketing and Sales at EAE, Barcelona. I think that each of my formations contribute something to my current work as a wedding planner: know how, also how to understand the couple, sensitivity to trends, love for things well done and details…

While I was studing my optimism, enthusiasm and passion led me to create in 2011 the wedding blog “Love, chocolate and weddings”, included among the top 5 in Spain by the publication “Lucía se Casa”, and few years after I decided to create my own agency of wedding planners with Paris Berlin Weddings.

I love to travel (but I really love it), I think it opens your mind, makes you more tolerant and enriches you in an unique way. My favorite destinations have been Vietnam and Japan and I still have pending Argentina, Birmania or Mexico. Oh! And I try to find decoration for my weddings during this trips.

I can not stand the texture of the custard or when a table doesn’t look good organized. I sing, I sing a lot, and I dance, and much more if it’s Adele. I love good food and I’m a bit sybarite. Also I am perfectionist and creative and I love details. I like handmade things, American TV shows in VOSE and walk through the second hand markets. A year ago Lola, my daughter, came to my life, and she makes me be full love everyday and has connected me with a sweetness and patience that I thought I did not have.