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Are you planning an elopement in Barcelona? Are you dreaming to escape to Spain with a couple of friends for the “Yes, I do”? Do you want to get married but you don’t want the traditional wedding surrounded by a lot of people? Do you want to live the most romantic experience in your life?

¿Qué incluye este servicio de coordinación?

What an elopement is?

An elopement is an amazing decision that some couples make about their wedding: they decide to get married having a small celebration, sometimes based in only them or sometimes with a small group of really good friends o close family. Normally these elopements take place in a nice destination far from the couple country.

Barcelona elopement

Barcelona is a perfect destination for an elopement: good weather, well international communication, nice surroundings: sea, mountains, urban… And everything is just romantic! Of course quality vendors and a lot of options for your budget. If your are thinking to run away to get married: Barcelona is your city.

What does the elopement service include?

Everything you need to have your romantic get away wedding: timing, vendors selection, meeting to define a creative idea, moodboard for the celebration, coordination during the W day and… much more!