A moneky and

a greenhouse

You probably think that when you are a wedding planner and you get engaged… You already have half of the wedding organised in your mind!!

Well… I do not know for my colleagues but this was not the case for me. In fact, I had ideas of venues where I had already worked and that I really liked but the truth is that I wanted something different.

So we started looking and everything seemed perfect when we found the Anís del Mono fabric: a modernist venue with a significant meaning for us as, in my family, the Anís del Mono is associated to party, relaxation and family times… And Jordi quickly embraced this tradition so this has a special meaning for the two of us too.

For this, despite the fact that at first it seemed we would not be able to do the wedding ceremony there, and thanks to a personal message that we sent to the brand manager explaining our attachment to the Anís del Mono… Our dream came true and we had our venue!!

Once we had the venue for the ceremony secured, we needed a venue for the wedding party and… What’s best than a Greenhouse?

At that time, there was no Greenhouse used for events or weddings but, once again, perseverance and hope led us to a Greenhouse a few kilometres out of Barcelona.

“Mono” (monkey) was a caring word between us and when they told us ‘yes’… It seemed that the circle of our story was complete!

And of course, there were a lot of details recording the theme of the wedding, a monkey and a greenhouse, games for the guests, the wedding favor in the shape of a buffet of flowers for our guests to plant, bottles of Anis del Mono for the moment of going out from the venue…

Photographers: Diez Bordons

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