We are folks

Lydia and Enric wanted to get married on the beach, an idyllic idea that was complicated because one of their requests was to spend the entire weekend of the wedding with 40 people in the same venue where they will get married.


After a lot of research and visiting the venue that was the choosen one they change their minds: no beach because they were going to get married in a forest clearing. And how could it not be like that? If they are the most folk couple I’ve ever met!

So we look around the venue, into the woods, and we found the perfect place for the ceremony: a clear the middle of the forest, it was tiny but perfect for the size of the ceremony.
Only one problem had to be solved: the guests’ high heel shoes. So we decided to put some espadrilles to make the short way between the road and the ceremony.

The decoration was very Paris Berlin style.

Toothed fabrics with natural wood frames and flowers for the ceremony. Also garlands under a high vine for the dinner. In addition, the couple handmade some details such as the tablecloths and handwrite all the guest names. Real folk, babies!

Photographer: La Dichosa

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