When Siria



Such an amazing couple like Samer and Irene deserved a wedding as amazing as them. Him from Syria and her from Catalonia, now settled in the Empordà but who lived for many years in Maldives working as a seaplane pilot.

Family and friends were coming from all over the world and we thought about touching about this cultural mix throughout the wedding… What would happen if Siria could meet Empordà?

After first considering organizing the weeding on the beach, we found a brand new venue very close from Figueras with amazing spaces, so that without thinking twice the beach plan had changed. The venue had many outside spaces that allowed us having several atmospheres for the different moments of the wedding.

For decoration, we mixed the Mediterranean touches of the outside spaces with killims and lanterns typical of the Syrian culture with wicker furniture.

Furthermore, we had a chillout space with shishas, belly dancing, decoration details… We mixed round tables and long tables, bare naked with table runners and a lot of flowers.

Samer and Irene had a dream: to launch lanterns on the day of their wedding, to remember all these years that they spent ‘flying’ in the Maldives but this was forbidden due to the risk of fire.

While we had already given up on it, chance happened: I went on holidays in Vietnam and there I saw in a town a very typical custom: they were launching lanterns floating on the river to make wishes come true. A few whatsapps with photos were enough to get Samer and Irene falling in love with these floating lanterns. I bought a stock of them in a small town and they travelled with me for 20 days across Vietnam. I am not gonna tell you the part of the negotiation with the old lady to whom I bought the lanterns, she was not speaking English of course, because I would need at least 2 hours for that.

Photographer: Noemi Jariod

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