When a girl from Castellón settled in France phone calls to your office to explain you that 3 days before she proposed to her boyfriend, a Catalan living in France, who, obviously, said yes and they want you to design and organize their wedding … Well , you get to work right away!

Raquel and Jose are a couple full of energy, with an exotic vibe and they splurge love! So their wedding should be like that, that’s why we chose the Tropical Vibes as themes, a tropical vibes discreet, subtle but present in every corner of the venue. For the ceremony we made an amazing flower arrangement on the wall along with some very funny and tall arrangements for the aisle.

Tropical Wedding Barcelona

For the tables, long and bare, a tendency that makes us fall in love, we had flowers with green and pale pink details and some garlands of lights that gave the romantic touch during the night. Such special sweethearts had to have some top-of-the-line looks, he was dressed by Julián Acerado and she wore an exclusive design made by a friend that highlighted the tattoos with the skyline of Paris and Barcelona on her arms.

There were some surprises for the bride and groom, such as some friends DJing meanwhile the diner, or the Flashmob that some family members organized during the night… And for Raquel there was a very tropical surprise: besides her wedding it was her birthday and Jose gave her a as a gift a flamingo piñata that she had to break to have her real gift. As a wedding favor, they handmade some beers and macarons with the wedding image and graphics.

Photographer: Sara Frost

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