Look for your wave

There are couples full of complicity, and then to another level are Anna and Miguel. I still have on my retina those kisses that Miguel gave Anna in the middle of their wedding ceremony. Long live to love!

When Anna and Miguel contacted me, they had just become parents, and that, indeed, makes the difference: love overflows.

Miguel is a surfer, but a real one, and with Anna they have traveled all over the world to find the perfect wave. At the beginning we thought to work with that for their wedding theme, but after a long conversation with them and some suggestions we decided to add the idea of new elements in the decoration: cactus, succulents, earthy tones…

One of the key pieces of the wedding decoration was the seating plan, that was a world map with all the places where they had traveled and the name of the waves: yes, I told you that Miguel is a real surfer.

Since the wedding was in April and it still a little bit cold, we decided to give blankets and pashminas to their guests, so everyone could be warm and cozy.

In this wedding the most important was the energy of the couple, especially Anna, who brought an amazing (very really amazing) dress by Marta Martí that was perfectly matched with a black laced cape and the different jackets she wore during the night.

 You just have to see the pictures of this day to know that there was a lot of fun and love in that wedding.

Photographer: La dichosa

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