Wedding Plan

Your wedding,

Your rules.

You want it all. We know that when you started to organize your wedding you thought it will be easy and you will be able to handle everything, but at some point you realized that organizing a wedding is much more complicated that you expected.

We’ve designed this Wedding Planner Service in Barcelona for you: a full package for your wedding. You can have it all: the wedding you’ve imagined without having to invest tons of hours, I will do it for you!

If you are the ones that love to get lost in any Hanoi Street, airports are your second home, you fall in love with any mediterranean spot but doesn’t know how to live away from the city. You are Paris Berlin Wedding Planners and this service is designed for you.

What the wedding planner services includes?


We’ll work on the budget you have, the one you need for the wedding you want and we’ll separate into the different vendors you will need to control expensed from the beginning. A good wedding planner is the one that controls the budget and hold to it.

Calls for changes, doubts attacks and flexibilities.

My service also covers this call you will made me few months before the wedding with your doubts and fears about the gown, the bouquet, the style or even the groom or the bride! Don’t worry, this breakdown is normal, everything is gonna be all right!

What happens if it rains?

I can not promise good weather, but I can promise is that if it rains your wedding will be just as fantastic! The wedding planner services also covers that!

The WOW effect

You may think that being during all the design process will make you may miss the WOW effect during the wedding. But I have to tell you, you will feel the wow effect even stronger because it’s not the same imagine it that see it!

Vendors research

I’ll propose different options adapted to your tastes, your needs and your budget for all the vendors we’ll need to perform your wedding.

I’ll pay special attention to the venue, caterer and photographers, we know they are really important!

Moodboarding and decor design

We’ll design a moodboard that will help you to understand how your wedding will be. I’ll prepare 4 different and personalized proposal considering the wedding venue and together we’ll chose what fits better for you. Designing your wedding is a big part of my work as a wedding planner but I want you to be a part of the process: it’s your wedding and there are your rules.


Wedding Coordination

Of course I go to the wedding, normally I arrive the day before to coordinate and prepare everything for the big day, so the day of the wedding I can be centered on you and your needs.

Normally we work with a team of 3 people minimum.

Vendors management

Once you have choosen the vendor you like I’ll do all the paperwork related with the contract or the wedding organization.

Decor material production

If it’s needed I’ll produce all the decoration material. And if we need an external help, I know the vendors with the best quality-cost relationship, with guaranties and reliable.

Real communication between us

I’ll be available by phone when you need it: you will have my personal phone number and if you need me and it is possible I will answer you in less than 24 hours.